My plane landed in Tokyo three hours late. My flight for Nagoya left without me. Airline personnel took me to a hotel for the night. The meal and the room were complimentary. I discovered the next day that the employee led me to the wrong bus, thus the incorrect airport. I missed my flight again.

That’s when I discovered the Shinkansen, a train as fast as a plane. I’d reach my meeting on time. I carried two hundred pounds of luggage from the airport to the train station. That’s when I learned the Japanese word for water: mizu!




BAM graduated with a degree in English with honors. He’s an alumnus of Sigma Tau Delta, and co-founded Writers’ ReVision, a workshop that helped authors edit and find publication. He was a journalist for two years, a communist three, and a finalist in the WLT Manuscript Competition in the suspense/thriller category in 2014. Publications are found in Bartleby Snopes (voted story of the month and re-published in their biannual hardcover issue), Writer’s Ezine (received the Exceptional Short Story Award), StoryShelter‘s anthology novel titled I Am Here, and more. He’s now in Japan teaching kids English. www.bamwrites.com.