Unfortunately for many reasons I have to put A Quiet Courage on hiatus for the time being. A Quiet Courage is currently on an indefinite hiatus and is not currently on a permanent hiatus. I hope the hiatus will be temporary and I will be able to come back to A Quiet Courage again.

A Quiet Courage is not considering any new submissions at this time. I will announce if this changes in the future.

All submissions that have been currently received up to this date (November 5th, 2017) will be addressed (either declined or accepted and published) as soon as I am able to (there are no guarantees about responses or response times or publication at all whatsoever), but any new submissions coming in henceforth from this date forward (November 5th, 2017) will be turned away and declined and will be informed of this announcement.

Anyone who has already sent in a submission before this hiatus was announced and whose submission hasn’t been responded to yet, is welcome to withdraw their writing and/or to simultaneously submit their writing to other venues. Please notify me by replying to your initial submissions email if you are withdrawing your writing or simultaneously submitting, etc.

I will make another announcement if and when the time comes that I am able to resume A Quiet Courage again.

-The Editor.