A Quiet Courage was an online literary journal that published compelling, poignant, and memorable microfiction and poetry in 100 words or less.

Some pieces that we like:

The Billet, by Gerri Brightwell

Annette and Florian, by Beate Sigriddaughter

The More Things Fall Apart, by Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux

Franziska, by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

The Kretschmar Child, Gerhardt, Crazy Marie, by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Alma, Fritz, by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Foraging in the Countryside, by Kyle van der Laan


Note: Although most of these pieces are about the Holocaust or relate to the Holocaust in some way, that doesn’t mean that we only want Holocaust-related pieces. However, we do have a special affinity for Holocaust-related pieces.


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