I love having my attention

the unpredictable word
engaging me.

A rabbit running across a city street
in the dark.

Someone I love
grabbing my hand.

Finding one of my cats at the door
to greet me.

A student sending me
a thank you.

Running into a forgotten friend
who remembers me.

Reading the Book of Knowledge
“Wonder Questions”.

Discovering what our daughter had planned
each day of our trip.

In a comedy club,
laughing at joke after joke.

After decades of turkey, rediscovering

Reading up on menopause, then learning
I was pregnant.




Author’s Note: (First published in lexpomo.com, a month-long poetry blog in Lexington, Kentucky.)




Gaby Bedetti hikes, takes photos, plants trees, and sings in several choirs. After grad school, where she co-founded the University of Iowa Museum Bulletin, she started teaching at Eastern Kentucky University. She co-teaches Page-to-Stage: Imagining the Military Experience in Iraq. She married a guy she met at a literature conference in Louisville, and together they raised a couple of kids. Her work has appeared in such journals as Off the CoastItalian AmericanaPoet Lore, and New Literary History. She has written a poem every day in June for the past four years for her town’s poetry blog, lexpomo.com.