For Faith Renwick


Hail continues to

intrude, breaking

into, snapping more

glass outside the living

room windows.

Each glass fractured

splinters more

of my home.


Ice rocks collide,

more glass bursts,

another mental thread

stripped away. Home-

made bombs explode

just as well. No,

implode just as deep.


Grenade after grenade

hitting the roof. 50 cal

bullets in conversation

with my Camaro.

How do the insurgents

invade San Antonio?

How do they know

where I live? Tonight,

I will bathe fully

dressed cradling

my AR-15.




James Deitz is a veteran who served in the military for five years with two deployments for Operation Iraqi Freedom and taught English in Korea for three years. He has enjoyed reading and writing poetry since high school. However, after his first war experience, writing became a sense of therapy and a necessary way of expressing emotions—redirecting trauma into art. He lives in Seoul, South Korea, teaching technical and creative writing.