Sorting through your top drawer

after your death

I come upon it,

tucked incongruously

among a raft of legal documents.


A photo of your daughters,

the three of us children in a bath together

giggling wildly at the camera,

all our heads soapy.


It is a gem

and I’d forgotten it existed,

wondered how it ended up here

of all places.


No reason why you would put it there,

except, and now I see the reason:

you knew a day would come

when I would find it.





“Poetry is my church. Without it I wouldn’t have navigated my life nearly as well.”

Tricia McCallum, a Glasgow-born Canadian, is a Huffington Post Blogger, a 2016 Pushcart Prize nominee and the author of The Music of Leaving (Demeter Press 2014). She has won the poetry competition at goodreads.com a total of three times. McCallum says she publishes both online and off, wherever she can find good homes.

“My approach is simple. I tell stories in my poems and write the poems I want to read,” she says.

She can be found online here, and often: triciamccallum.com, facebook.com/tricia.mccallum.9, twitter.com/triciamccallum1.