They remember you.

They open wide their huge liquid alien eyes,

shift quietly in their stalls.

Their huge nostrils flare in welcome

at your approach,

for you carry with you

the scent indelible in their memory

of someone

once kind to them.





“Poetry is my church. Without it I wouldn’t have navigated my life nearly as well.”

Tricia McCallum, a Glasgow-born Canadian, is a Huffington Post Blogger, a 2016 Pushcart Prize nominee and the author of The Music of Leaving (Demeter Press 2014). She has won the poetry competition at goodreads.com a total of three times. McCallum says she publishes both online and off, wherever she can find good homes.

“My approach is simple. I tell stories in my poems and write the poems I want to read,” she says.

She can be found online here, and often: triciamccallum.com, facebook.com/tricia.mccallum.9, twitter.com/triciamccallum1.