All bodies want to live—

Especially in crisis, they

fuel themselves for escape,

pushing down other victims

in their race towards exits,

forgetting nobility. To run

as you did, towards the

speeding truck, towards

the shooter, to ram against

his heavy purpose, clinging

to his door like a fly, was to

peck against evil like bird

tapping at a feeding crocodile.

He was concentrating

on me, you said, and in that

moment could not kill people.

And even now, having dared

so much, the only thing you

refuse to give is your name.




Devon Balwit is a teacher/poet from Portland, Oregon. She has two chapbooks: how the blessed travel (Maverick Duck Press) and Forms Most Marvelous (forthcoming with dancing girl press). Her work has found many homes, some of which are: The Cincinnati Review, The Stillwater Review, Sierra Nevada Review, Red Earth Review, Timberline Review, Poets Reading the News, The NewVerse News, The Ekphrastic Review.