Apparently I…

Should have gone ahead and killed myself because my parents were sick of my shit.
Should have died in that car accident.
Can’t read.
Am a narcissist.
Have multiple personality disorder and am possibly schizophrenic.
Make everyone’s lives miserable.
Want to drag everyone down with me.
Only care about the dream, not who is in it.
Am a fucking bitch.
Am insane.
Like being miserable.
Shouldn’t use such “big words” when I speak because it is intimidating.
Have childish, unrealistic expectations.
Am a piece of Swiss cheese.
Will be just another dead woman in someone else’s book.




Shae Krispinsky (shaekrispinsky.com) grew up in western Pennsylvania but headed south for college. She now lives south of the South, in Tampa, Florida, where she sings and plays guitar in the band, Navin Ave., writes for Articulate Suncoast and helps organize the yearly Tampa Zine Fest. Her short stories have appeared in Scholars & Rogues, Connotation Press, The Milo Review and more.