“Number seven.”

Irina approached the visa interview window. The consular officer looked through her papers.

“Where did you meet your fiancé?”

“Internet, Moscow, Paris.”

“You know where he lives?”

“Mercer Island, in between Seattle and Bellevue.”

“You’re aware that he was married four times?”

“Seven. Four wives, three move-ins.”

“And you’re sure that this time he will…?”

“I told him that I poisoned him.”

“You did what?”

“Poisoned him with love poison. If he leaves me, he dies.”

“Oh, I see. What makes you think he believed you?”

“I took him to our family cemetery. My Grandma buried seven husbands.”




Author’s Note: (First published in Friday Flash Fiction).




Robert Evenstell lives in Irvine, California. He is an IT wizard by day and a writer by night.