You are the second blue line on the test, the Y chromosome in our child, one-half of the cells multiplying inside me.

You’re the reason for the suspicion, the doctor’s appointment, the diagnosis of “mother”.

You last hugged me after we’d conceived. As your arms coiled around me, your DNA coiled within. You share my love. You share your name.

You are the second blue line on the test. Your presence was the reason for this heartburn. Your absence is the reason for this heartache.




Merran Jones is an Australian physiotherapist and young mum who has been writing short stories for a couple of years. She’s had numerous publications throughout the US, UK, and Australia; won several monthly competitions; was commended for the KSP Speculative Fiction Award 2014; and won the 2015 Write Well Award. See her webpage, about.me/merran_jones for more details.