Sardine to a submarine, he didn’t come up

on my radar. I didn’t fear the supremacist

behind the keyboard, I was surprised

because I knew him from college

but I didn’t truly know him

how I thought I did. He

was a glass car

who thought he had

illuminated headlights, hateful

beliefs and ideals. I told my father

about the comments he made online

in an attempt of character assassination.

My father told me “I had finally made it”.




Deonte Osayande is a former track and field sprinter and writer from Detroit, Michigan. His poems and essays have been nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology, a Pushcart Prize and published in over a dozen different publications. He has been a member of the Detroit National Poetry Slam Team multiple times. He’s currently a professor of English at Wayne County Community College, and teaching youth through the Inside Out Detroit Literary Arts Program.