I’m numb with news.


Every night the world squeezes

its two-dimensional sadness

into my living room.


Children starve

in the time it takes me

to find my slippers.


Revolution spreads like an oil slick.


Media is a religion

we practice without belief,


glazed with information,


on the longest day of the year.




Author’s Note: Solstice was first published in The Copperfield Review.




Peter Taylor is a Canadian poet whose writing has appeared internationally in journals and anthologies, including Aperçus Quarterly, Construction, The Copperfield Review, Contemporary Verse 2EunoiaFrostwritingInk, Sweat & Tears, The Linnet’s Wings, Nether, Pirene’s Fountain, Poetry Australia, Pyrta, and StepAway Magazine. His books include Trainer, The Masons, and Aphorisms, and his experimental verse play on the Civil War, Antietam, won honorable mention in the War Poetry Contest in Northampton, Massachusetts. winningwriters.com/past-winning-entries/antietam.