Kate is blue-eyed,

which she

sometimes forgets.

She will say,

“I have blue eyes,”

which is like her saying,

“Does that surprise you?”

Goodness she has blue eyes!




Raymond Keen was educated at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Oklahoma. He spent three years as a Navy clinical psychologist with a year in Vietnam (July 1967 – July 1968). Since that time he has worked as a school psychologist and licensed mental health counselor in the USA and overseas, until his retirement in 2006. Love Poems for Cannibals is the author’s first volume of poetry. He is also the author of a drama, The Private and Public Life of King Able, which will be published in February 2016. Raymond’s poetry has been published in thirty-two literary journals. raymondkeen.comfacebook.com/raymond.keen.3.