Einsatzgruppen Killing.jpg


“War does not determine who is right.”

—Bertrand Russell



As I watch I see

who is left.


Numbered children, ink-stained skin

thin as parchment, shuffle

to the wire with crying mothers, stare

gauntly from black and white newsreels.


As I watch I see

who is right.


Laughing boys in field-gray uniforms herd

shambling men soundlessly to the open pit.

The apologetic offer no resistance, but move

dutifully into position. Old men who’ve outlived


their usefulness, stand meekly, caps

in hand, envision a bullet

to the base of their skulls.

Sniggering boys wink at the camera.




Ted Kniffen: I am sixty-eight years old. I am Canadian. I have written my entire life (so far), but have not published yet. I’m married, have three children and ten grandchildren. I ride motorcycles, play guitar a bit, draw, and I’m a reading addict. I like to canoe in the North from time to time, but our favorite vacation spot is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.




Image Source: “Einsatzgruppen Killing” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.