I interviewed the general.

“The war has become horrendous,” he said. “The Syrian government has begun using sarin, a gas that destroys nerves. People literally choke to death because they can’t breathe.”

“Is sarin worse than other ways to kill people?”

“Gas is immoral. It’s been banned since World War I when mustard gas dissolved soldiers’ lungs. They vomited blood and choked to death because they couldn’t breathe.”

I smiled. “So you say it’s immoral to gas people but it’s acceptable to incinerate people with bombs or shoot them with guns?”

He got very upset.




Mel Goldberg: I taught literature and writing in California, Illinois, Arizona and as a Fulbright Exchange Teacher to Stanground College in Cambridgeshire, England. I quit my teaching position and moved to Sedona, Arizona to complete writing my first novel. Professional artist Bev Kephart and I bought a small motor home and traveled the US, Canada, and Mexico for seven years, working at RV parks for our space. My writing has been published online and in print in the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia. My novels are available on Amazon. For more information visit wix.com/goldmiel/authormel.