We grew up in the same house six years apart. In many respects he grew up with different parents. He amassed debts using stolen credit cards. Using my name he got loans and rented a car that he never returned.

When he got out of prison, I took him to live with me. My little brother had been exchanged for a hard, angry man. He lived in an upside down world where it was acceptable to deceive and cheat the unsuspecting. That was what they deserved for trusting.

My little brother had been replaced by a career criminal.




Mel Goldberg: I taught literature and writing in California, Illinois, Arizona and as a Fulbright Exchange Teacher to Stanground College in Cambridgeshire, England. I quit my teaching position and moved to Sedona, Arizona to complete writing my first novel. Professional artist Bev Kephart and I bought a small motor home and traveled the US, Canada, and Mexico for seven years, working at RV parks for our space. My writing has been published online and in print in the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia. My novels are available on Amazon. For more information visit wix.com/goldmiel/authormel.