My one-year-old just announced to his father that “I object to the way that these pants are trying to impose their pants-like quality upon my legs. Voluntarily, I shall remove them. Furthermore, I shall hurl said pants as far as my limited physique will allow, with the expectation that you, dear father, shall respect my wishes and leave them wherever they settle. Then, and only then, may we celebrate with the rest of my banana.”

At least that’s how I interpreted it. His exact words were something like “Wabba wabba nana.” Though his actions did back it up.




Philip Kuan is an aspiring Californian writer with a healthy interest in befuddling readers. Some of his favorite authors include Charles Dickens, Tolkien, and Franz Kafka, among others. He has been published in several short story magazines, and is always looking for constructive feedback at philkuan.wordpress.com.