I remember when her

footsteps tickled the stairs,

her waft of citrus perfume

caught me unawares,

and her fingers entwined with mine.

Oh, how we giggled!

Then we grew up;

we out-climbed Jack on his beanstalk.

Older girls now, we sit and talk

about the first time we kissed,

how she grabbed my fat chin,

her hand the claw of a songbird

and her breath apple-sweet.

Our eyes meet while we recall

how it was all

so enthralling,

us, being girl rebels.




Alexandra Elizabeth Harrison: I am a twenty-five-year-old Canadian writer and editor. I graduated from MacEwan University, where I received the Medal of Academic Excellence in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications and contributed to two student anthologies. I have published work in Grain Magazine, QWERTY, and AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review.

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