Abuse sleeps in my mouth.

Analgesia filters words: don’t spit.

I exhale blood from brutal notes that sink

your teeth into my courage and worry my raw edges.

I open wide for the cruel sterile drill.

My tongue rests against tender gums

and dreams vengeance on you.




Mori Glaser grew up in the UK and moved to Israel thirty years ago. She has written a variety of articles, blogs and creative non-fiction throughout her career in cross-cultural facilitation, community development, and international relations. Mori writes poetry and fiction as a member of creative writing workshops in Jerusalem. Her poetry has been published in literary journals: Writers Hub, Persimmon Tree, Women in Judaism and 2014 Voices Israel. Her prose appears in the Akashic Books website Thursdaze series and in Arc 2015, the journal of the Israel Association of Writers in English.