I’ve got email. She says she’s looked everywhere. For me. Can you really send email from Nepal these days? After the earthquake? She says she represents the family of my Nepalese relatives. I thought my family was from England.

She complains that no one believes her. But, it’s really true. She offers real American dollars. I wonder about the broken English and the misspelled words.

Do I want my 1.5 million for the next twenty years directed toward my savings account, checking account, or PayPal account? It would be a little conversation. Just for fun. What would it hurt?





Joe Brooks is an inveterate abuser of pen and paper and pixels everywhere. A writer and pastor, he has authored one book, Chase The Rain, which was published in 2014 by Foresight Publishing. He has written for Christian publications and worked in a daily newspaper office. He is a husband, father, Papa, writer, biker, reader, lifelong learner, and lover of mornings.