This morning it was enough
to hold the body in my hands,
run my fingers along the purfling
back and forth against the grain-
a lovers touch that needs no words.

It was enough to hold the bow-
my old companion, light and nimble,
sticky rosin like the sweat of
Bach at night, Vivaldi morn.

This isn’t church of fancy hats
and swinging incense, tithing plates;
this is the place where Hallelujah
is the holy space between
the silence, fingers, and the sound.




Heather Bishop is a writer and musician based in Austin, Texas. Her music lingers in the crossroad of soul, folk, rock, and country. Her writing includes poetry and short stories, cookbooks and essays, short plays and short film. She is currently working on a poetry collection inspired by a medical incident that, in the spring of 2015, left her unable to sing or play her instruments. She looks forward to a full recovery. www.heather.fm.