when the light was first out


when it was fresh, like produce

at a good grocery store


when the light was a peach, it peered

over the edge of the city and into rooms


it was juicy and full of nectar, uneaten

golden nectar


dripping precious sweet on windowsills

and closed curtains


citrus-gold, it trickled

over wooden floors, filling crevasses like liquid


it trickled and seeped into bedclothes

dampened the sleepy heads


until their hair glowed golden warm




Issa M. Lewis: I am a graduate of New England College’s MFA in Poetry program and currently teach composition at Davenport University. I was the 2013 recipient of the Lucille Clifton Poetry Prize, and my poems have previously appeared in Tule Review, Jabberwock, Blue Lyra Review, Pearl, and Naugatuck River Review.

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