A stone sailed past the woman’s head.

“Get out witch!” Mark Maloney shouted across the street, another stone in his hand.

To his left, Johnny Murphy: “Get lost!”, and at right, Willy Devaney:

“Go back to where you came from.”

She didn’t say anything. She did take note of who said what. Magic is seldom immediate; it takes time to conjure up something truly devastating. But she was patient, a woman who knew who wronged her.

Johnny and Willy would soon apologize over what they said.

And Mark? He wouldn’t be in a position to say very much at all.




Joe Govan is a scientist based in Dublin. He is the winner of the first OriginalWriting.ie Flash Fiction Competition. He has published stories in The Ghouls’ Review, Picture it and Write Publication, and Seaglass and other Stories. He blogs at joe2poetry.wordpress.com and joe2stories.wordpress.com.

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