At two pm the war had ended. My commander and I climbed the ramp of the outpost facing the Suez Canal. Egyptian soldiers were standing on the rooftops waving at us.

“It should be fixed.” I nodded at the tattered flag.

“It’s too sensitive. They might start shooting,” he said.

“If I make it, will you give me leave to go home?”

“You don’t give up so easily, do you?”

I climbed the ramp and started crawling to the flagpole. As I stood up to untie the rope a gunshot was heard. I rolled down the ramp.

“Forget home!”




Moshe Prigan is a freelance writer, 65 years old, living in Haifa, Israel. His fiction has been published in Tales from the Shadow RealmGenesis Science Fiction Magazine, The Bear Review and WitchWorks Magazine.