The green light is a traffic light now,

and across the bay is an amusement park

where a Ferris wheel glows in evening light—

not the new world you once envisioned.


Everything changes and often is less than

we hoped for; but you didn’t accept that,

did you?


You, who believed the past did not matter

because it could be remade by the heart’s longings;

and the future could be wished for so strongly

that it could become its own beautiful reality—

the green light of dreams, holy imaginings,

a passageway through time toward an eternally rising sun.




Christina Murphy’s poems appear in a wide range of journals and anthologies, including, PANK, Dali’s Lovechild, La Fovea, and Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal, and the anthologies From the Roaring Deep: A Devotional in Honor of Poseidon and the Spirits of the Sea, Let the Sea Find its Edges, and Remaking Moby-Dick. Her work has been nominated multiples times for the Pushcart Prize and for the Best of the Net anthology.